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Porcelain Veneers Cost In Cosmetic Dentistry

In the early days the quality was no that good and the veneers did easily break. Today the porcelain veneers are quite expensive but the quality is excellent. If you get veneers today then you can be almost sure that you still have the same veneers 15 years ahead from now.

The material is not the only factor that determines the cost Best Veneers Dentistry In Beverly Hills. Every veneer is hand made and needs precise work. Every tooth is different and needs preparation before the veneer can be put on. Depending on the amount of work involved, the price of veneers can go up or down.

The costs for the cosmetic dentist also depend on the location and experience. A dentist in Beverly Hills will cost much more simply because the location itself is more expensive. You should only go to an experienced dentist who has specialized in cosmetic dentistry because porcelain veneers require special skills and the use of excellent materials. Don’t save money on this part, it does not pay long term.

Porcelain veneers are not a fix for bad teeth. For that you would probably need a crown or a dental implant. Veneers are put on healthy teeth to make them look beautiful. Veneers are also useful to fill some tooth gaps probably but the best use is when you aim for a complete smile makeover.

Unfortunately the costs of the veneers are high and the fact that the insurance does not cover the costs makes them even more costly. The insurance would only pay for the dentist if there would be a medical reason but not for cosmetic purposes. If you can not pay for a smile makeover, you can sometimes pick up attractive offers from financing companies that are specialized on cosmetic dentistry.

You won’t believe that porcelain veneers are that durable when you first see them. They are ultra thin but very strong. They are even available in different colors to perfectly match the natural color of your existing teeth. While it takes a while to make them, they are quickly put onto your existing teeth within just one or two visits at your dentist. After that you just need to get used to the new feeling.

There is also a new type of veneer called Lumineers. They are extremely thin what means that there is just little tooth reduction needed to put them on. This is also its biggest disadvantage though because it means that the ability for teeth correction is limited.

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