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Six Reasons to Work with a Holistic Dentist

Have you been buying safe, natural dentist? Below are six things you ought to find in biocompatible and holistic dentistry.

1. Mercury Removal. A natural dentist follows the concept of safe mercury filling removal. Mercury should not be put into anybody, and your dentist should be ready to safely remove these unsightly, toxic, and destructive tooth fillings. Any dental office can remove old silver/mercury fillings, but doing it the proper way in order to avoid toxic experience of mercury is very important. The tooth should really be protected from the remaining portion of the mouth and with a special high volume vacuum system both the patient and the entire office are protected from mercury exposure. That is so essential for everyone Holistic Dentist Los Angeles!

2. Biocompatible Dental Materials. The 2nd goal is to supply metal-free dentistry. Biocompatible implies that the dental restoration materials would be the closest to natural or non-reactive as are available. These fillings, crowns, and bridges look and feel so natural that you can’t tell they aren’t your own personal natural teeth. They strengthen one’s teeth and even extend their life.

3. Environmental Office. Creating a healthy environment is the third goal. The holistic dental office should really be designed and constructed with every effort to create it safe and non-toxic. From the wallboards to paint and carpet, everything must be selected to eliminate harmful chemicals and fumes and allow it to be a clean and safe environment. The holistic dentist’s office is a no-fluoride and no-mercury zone.

4. Low Radiation. Remember those old-fashioned lead blankets and how a hygienist would hide while taking your x-rays? Times have changed. New state-of-the art digital x-rays provide a low radiation dose that will be significantly less than one-tenth of traditional film x-rays. The dentist’s comprehensive computer system can send images straight to your insurance company or perhaps a specialist by e-mail.

5. Clean Water. Choose a biocompatible dental practice that uses a patented water system treated with colloidal silver to deliver bacteria-free water to every chair. The purified water the hygienist uses to wash your teeth must certanly be highly ozonatedto promote healthy gums.

6. Highest Quality. Dentistry is just a craft. The most important goal of any natural dentist is to provide the greatest quality of care. Don’t settle for assembly-line dentistry. Look for a creative drive for perfection that guarantees excellent results with handmade restorations from the dentist’s own in-house lab and personally developed techniques. Everything they create for your mouth must bear their desire to generate for you the most healthy and cosmetically pleasing result that will assist you well for all years.

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