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Complete Contact Lens Solution – One For All Steps or Multi Purpose Solutions

How come contact lens care important?

Many contact lens user are either ignorant or didn’t do the right things when involves caring contact lens. With regards to the kind of lens you are wearing, there are many different choices for cleaning and disinfecting your lenses. Like all synthetic materials, contact lenses are subject to a buildup of micro-organisms and deposits. If not removed, these deposits and absorbed materials can build through to the lens surface which as time passes may bring about the reduced amount of comfort and vision in addition to an increased threat of contamination.

For this reason lenses need to be looked after on a typical basis using various forms of solutions, which are not only compatible with the lens materials but additionally with a person’s eye itself คอนแทคเลนส์.

Why can’t water be employed for rinsing contact lenses?

Regular water contains chlorine, minerals and metal particles, which can damage both lenses and the eye. Among other activities, water contains organisms, which can lead to serious infections of a person’s eye through microbial contamination. Home made saline, purified or distilled water does not disinfect contact lenses and shouldn’t be employed for rinsing the lenses. Saline are manufacture in a controlled environment and invloves designated quantity of recipes of ingredients. As such home made saline, purified water from your home tap shouldn’t be utilized to rinse contact lens.

The Right Cleaning Solutions For You.

Some lens care solution allows your eyes to remain better protected and hence healthier. The moisturizing aftereffect of the solutions locks in moisture and prevents lens dehydration for enhanced levels of lens comfort. Some peroxide-based lens care solution comes minus the preservatives within many all-in-one solutions. Peroxide provides unsurpassed disinfecting efficacy and cleaning for improved lens comfort. If you have sensitive eyes, you need to select those that would work for those who have sensitive eyes. Generally it may be used with gas permeable lenses, soft contact lenses and disposable contact lenses.

In short, you should pick a suitable solutions that will: 1. lubricates contact lenses and re-wets dry and irritated eyes.

2. Respite from dry and irritated eyes. Specially formulated to lubricate and moisten your lens to greatly help relieve irritation from dirt, smoke and dryness.

How about the lens case?
The lens case itself must be cleaned and replaced regularly. After inserting lenses, rinse out lens case with saline solution, leave ready to accept dry.

Will medicated eye drops affect my contact lens?
Medicated eye drops usually have preservatives, which can penetrate the lens structure. Lenses should always be removed before inserting drops, unless they’re designed for contact lenses. Certain medications transform the tear film both qualitatively and quantitatively. This can lead to temporary as well as permanent incompatibility of the lenses.

Antihistamines (for hay fever), high blood pressure medications, laxatives, hormone preparations (pills), sedatives, sleeping pills, acne and rheumatism preparations, and pregnancy can alter the tear film structure.

Nicotine can tint the lenses; alcohol results in dry eye.

With regards to the kind of lens you are wearing, there are many different choices for cleaning and disinfecting your lenses. Some lenses, such as for instance daily disposable lenses require little to no lens care – they’re simply discarded after each and every use. However, if you wear lenses that your eye care professional has recommended that you take out and re-insert into your eye, they should be cleaned and disinfected after each and every use. Care for your lenses might help your lenses stay clean and comfortable for you really to wear. Your eye care professional might help you choose what lens care solutions are best for you.

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