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Spice Up Your Sex Life And Shop For Lingerie Together

Shopping for erotic lingerie with your significant other, spouse, or friend with benefits, is a great way to spice up your sex life. Browsing erotic lingerie online with your lover can help you discover variations in one another’s tastes in sexually explicit clothing, expand your imaginations into the more sensual realms, and it can bring […]

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Best Weight Loss Program For Women Over 50

It’s never too late to start an exercise program and no matter what your age, it’s not impossible to lose weight. The biggest culprit thatleads to obesity in women over the age of 50 is living a sedentary lifestyle. When the body slows down and becomes less active, the number of calories you need each […]

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A Doll Sent Me Into Cardiac Arrest

I shook my head and he looked dissatisfied. I watched wordlessly as her toes disappeared, then her legs, torso, and at last her head vanished. The doll then raised its arms over its head as if to strike me. It put its chilly palms on my cheeks and drew its distorted face close to mine. […]

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Keeping Up With The Bitcoin

You may question how it influences a standard man. Correct at the heart of cryptocurrency and other digital currencies is Blockchain technology. There are numerous commercial and administrative conditions that the technology can resolve for the normal man. Do you have a small company but frequently feel transparency is lacking due to conventional methods of […]

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