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UAE Passport for Sale

The UAE citizen who wants to travel abroad can get an Emirati passport. The power of the UAE passport is no less than surprising. You can now buy UAE Passport / Citizenship online.

Citizens of the UAE can get access to 172 different countries, even without a visa. It tells you the worth of an Emirati passport.

United Arab Emirates Passport is ranked among the top five best Passport holding countries. Besides, there are many opportunities for foreign people because they can get UAE citizenship.

Obtain UAE Nationality

UAE is offering enormous opportunities for foreign people to pursue a career with an excellent standard of living.

Studies tell that about 84 percent of the UAE population came from another country and then settled there.

With incredible natural resources and outstanding aviation, it urges many to make UAE their home. UAE Citizenship is on offer for those who want to settle here permanently.

They can hold the UAE passport just like the UAE born citizens. One also has the luxury to travel wherever he wants with some exceptions.

Main Feature

There are a lot of good things about the UAE passport. Some of the features impress many with immense satisfaction. The central part of the UAE passport is below.

Digital Security Upgrade

The UAE is the lucky one in the Arab to achieve a digital upgrade for passport encryption. The interior ministry, which includes experts and officers concerned with the code of e-passport, have innovated the digital code e-passport.

Digital code fulfills all the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization. General Encryption’s director keys project in the administration of E passports.

It highlights that the code present in the electronic Sim is the most appropriate feature to recognize the document’s validity.

Validity of Passport

The validity of a UAE passport is five years starts from the issue date. Once the Passport expires, a holder needs to apply for a new Passport as there is no rule of extending the validity data.

Who can apply?

According to rules and regulations of the UAE Government, the following eligible candidates can apply for a passport

  • UAE Citizens
  • UAE Citizen’s newborn baby
  • Wife of foreign nationality
  • Individuals of other nationality with certain eligibility criteria


There are following the requirements you need to follow. You are required to scan and send.

  • Nationality
  • Finger Scan (Put your finger on the ink pad and white sheet paper, scan it and send it)
  • Signature (Scan your signature and then send)
  • One passport size picture
  • Eye and hair color
  • Passport fee


UAE passport has many benefits for its citizens and foreigners as well. If someone holds a UAE Passport, he can travel to over 170 trip destinations without a visa.

It is indeed a remarkable opportunity. Besides, those foreigners who aim to get UAE citizenship can get it without any difficulty.

The United Arab Emirates people have the luxury of free schooling and health care. Above all the aspect the security remains a priority for the UAE travel authorities.

The presence of modern technology in UAE Passports makes it worth appreciating. You need to fulfill some requirements and conditions to grab the UAE passport.

Once you acquire a Passport, you will surely enjoy your living much more than ever before. In this article, UAE passports related aspects were in discussion. We hope you got what we wanted to deliver to you. To buy a UAE passport online or citizenship, contact WhatsApp: +1(254) 300-1482 or https://uscispassportsvisa.com/

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