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Turn Bad News Into Glad News, Five Keys That Will Change Your Outlook

It should have appeared to the American natives of pre-Columbian times very unlikely that there could be a world of other peoples they had never seen or heard of beyond the vast oceans of the shores of the continent they had had to themselves since time immemorial. And how dearly they would pay for their presumption when the first conquistadors arrived. So vulnerable were the American aboriginals face-to-face with European military technology.

Similarly, it was just within the last few centuries that the question of the possibility of intelligent life on other planets, within and beyond our galaxy, was first seriously considered. The notion of intelligent alien civilizations tickled popular imagination and spawned a brand new genre of fiction popularized by H.G. Well’s « War of the Worlds »(1898). Popular imagination was first fixed on earth Mars hufforbes.com/

But beyond fiction is the reality in the question: imagine if we live in a universe teeming with intelligent life and civilizations?-civilizations at least as advanced as ours in scientific-technological culture? What’re the possible scenarios of implication to us?

The greatest risk to us is the possibility of civilizations with countless amounts or even millions of years of scientific-technological development advantage over us. For as Stephen Hawking described in his recent popular program we have no reason to believe that other types of intelligent life elsewhere will be much distinctive from, say, the British, within their tendency to exploit military technological advantage to very selfish ends. Civilizations with this level of development several light-years away will be of very little threat to us because they would lack the technological way to cover the interstellar distances for direct contact with us.

A well-liked what-if scenario of mine in explaining why a civilization like ours might remain isolated in a normally galactic neighborhood teeming with advanced and even warring civilizations is which our local region of the galaxy might represent one of many several savage backwoods outposts far taken from the major highways of interstellar communication routes of a thriving and bustling galactic community.

Hundreds, thousands are possibly even millions of star shuttles hurrying, like automobiles on an interstate highway, to their destinations in the hubs of the galactic political and economic activity may well be regularly detecting our presence on sophisticated remote sensing systems but not bother to prevent to test us from other planetary communities in the galaxy simply because our region is so typical of millions of other backwoods localities in the galaxy that there’s nothing to arouse any curiosity about our recently emerged « stone age » culture. In a bustling galactic community with several millions of backward civilizations among a tiny band of relatively elite advanced civilizations (remember which our galaxy alone comes with an estimated four hundred billion stars) the statistical likelihood of our planet being chosen, even by a strange high school kid of one of many few elite civilizations, for a term paper, may be so low that the most effective likelihood of direct contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life may maintain a Robin Hood outlaw, a small grouping of escaped convicts seeking the perfect hideout from the galactic police!

The above-mentioned scenario may seem fanciful but it is instructive to remember that until very recent times whole human communities lived for centuries altogether isolated from the exterior world within the small space of our native planet for the same reasons. For several,, we realize our planet might even have been entered into a massive database of other inhabited planets by catalogers on a planet across our galaxy using advanced remote sensing technology but ranked surprisingly low on their priority scale of interesting planets to be checked out. Maybe in hundreds or thousands of years from now,, a strange anthropologist team trying to find primitive civilizations untouched by the common galactic civilizational culture might decide that individuals are just the right subject for his Ph.D. thesis.


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